Making Phone calls upon triggers


Is there a way to trigger a phone call through OR? I came across this newsletter that show cases it- if there is anyone willing to share their implementation on how to make calls, I would greatly appreciate. I could define use this feature for my folks back home. I have the email and SMS portion working but don't know how to get the phone call feature implemented.


Just checking to see if anyone has implemented this.


I haven't tried anything like this yet, but if I were to try, I'd look into using something that simulated a tapi connection to a sip phone.

This manual page refers to using a tapi connection to start a call in a Cisco / Linksys SPA94n series sip phone.

I've got a couple of SPA942 phones and a GrandStream Budgephone if you find any solutions that you'd like me to try.

(Both of these phones can make calls in speakerphone mode)

This webpage might have information about the snom phones that is of interest to you ;-

Alternatively, I'd look at some kind of sip softphone, rather than trying to get OpenRemote to hold a sip connection directly.

There is a browser plugin sip softphone out there, but I didn't have have luck when I tried to get any of them to work.

Like these :-

I hope this info gives you something to consider.

Good luck.


I’ve got asterisk running on the same box as OpenRemote.

I’ve not linked them, but I do have incoming calls displaying CLID on my (LG) TV, looking up numbers from my Google Contacts list…

I would suggest looking here :

You can execute commands from OpenRemote, and Asterisk can run commands from the command line, so you could initiate a call and direct it to a local extension - assuming you have VOIP extensions (or an ATA linked extension).