Manager Template and Co

Hello All

juste found OpenRemote and really impressed by the software.

before adopting this i would to clarifiy some points :

  • When designing custom templates can i add tabs and then Roles that can handle the visibility of these tabs

  • i am reading about a pro designer, but cannot find it

  • can i use visual studio as IDE for custom deployments.

Let the force be with you all

Hi Namec,

I’m a designer who dabbles in the code a bit, so if you have more in-depth questions I will get a developer to answer :slight_smile:

  1. I wrote an answer here, but realised you might be talking about We don’t support that product anymore as we rewrote and improved our platform: GitHub - openremote/openremote: 100% open-source IoT Platform - Integrate your assets, create rules, and visualize your data
    If you are using our latest code, could you explain a bit more what you mean by templates and what you have in mind?
  2. The Pro Designer is a deprecated product, so you shouldn’t be able to find it :wink: Where did you read about it? Everything you need now is in the OpenRemote Manager I linked above.
  3. Yes, you can use Visual Studio. If you run into anything during setup you find useful for others to know, send me a message and I will add it to the ‘Setting up an IDE’ page on the wiki.

Thanks for joining the forum!


thank you Don,

i’ll do my best a help as much as i can

this is the way