Map Appearence issue

Good morning
I’m having some problems with the map. I used to upload my tiles and use mapsettings.json to set up the map. Since I updated to latest, i noticed that now I can change the map and style from the appearence menu (I suppose I don’t need the uploaded file anymore?)
Now if i try to set the whole world

This is what I see (and I can’t move from there)

Maybe I’m wrong with the coordinates?
Thanks for your help!

Hi pcr,

The map file is still needed. I’m confused by what you are seeing…
The red area are the bounds the user can move within, so you can limit them to the area of your map. It tries to automatically find this area based on the map you use in your deployment (but somehow doesn’t for you at the moment?)
The zoom levels can be previewed by clicking the eye icon and determine how far a user can zoom in and out.

In some projects I’ve noticed issues with loading the existing map settings. Not sure if that is related.
Let’s both try to investigate a bit :slight_smile:


Hi Don
thanks for your reply
I’m not understanding, I cloned my instance and the colleague who uses the copy was somehow able to have the full map, but the only mbtiles file in there is the one I uploaded (Europe only map)
His mapsettings.json is empty and no mapsettings visible on the portal as Master Admin

This is what he sees

He told me that he only worked with manager_config.json from the website

No idea how the full map got there, that’s why I thought about something like an online map.

Most maps contain some data of the whole world, but if you zoom in details will be missing. Since your minimal zoom is 1 and the bounds are set for the whole world, he is able to see it.

He will only be able to see details of europe when he zooms in.

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Hi Don, sorry for re-writing in this topic but I’m missing something with this new appearence page on the manager. I fixed that instance by deleting mapsettings.json and went back to Rotterdam. Then I deleted your 3 settings from the appearence tab and created a new default (inside the borders of my map). Reboot - Works
Then if I add other settings for other realms, after a reboot everything goes back to Rotterdam with your 3 settings.
Doesn’t that tab write into a mapsettings.json?
Should I just configure the map from the file instead of using the tab?
Thank you!

No worries. I was testing it and also ran into some issues so its not you :wink: . We’ll look into it further.

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