Map is not showing on VM

Hi team, I am following the conversation I am also facing the same kind of issue.

map is loading on local but not loading on my VM.

  "options": {
    "default": {
      "center": [ -97.723 , 30.30 ],
      "bounds": [ -98.212, 29.931, -97.234, 30.67 ],
      "zoom": 10,
      "maxZoom": 19,
      "boxZoom": false,
      "geocodeUrl": ""

I am using the austin map.

When I see the browser network tab map apis is returning 204 status code.

Manager container log on local: : Starting map service with tile data: /deployment/map/mapdata.mbtiles

Manger container log on VM[GCP]: : Map meta data could not be loaded, map functionality will not work

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Looks like a permission issue or corrupt mbtiles file