Map Licensing Requirements


We are evaluating the openremote platform for commercial use and so far so good.

We are now at the stage of changing over the maps as per the Wiki to align with our customer’s locations but it appears that the commercial licensing is quite expensive as per the image below. We just require a map of Australia etc to load into openremote so that it relevant to our customer base.

As we will use the platform for commercial purposes we are mindful of any licencing requirements that we need to comply with so the free evaluation version may not be viable if we deploy the platform.

Is this the only option to change out the default map or am I on the wrong path?

While I’m not sure how licensing works for maps, You could always find an open-source PBF/MBTiles file and then use that as your map. You’re looking into MapTiler, a map provider, which is completely different to setup on OpenRemote, so maybe looking into the static file route would also be an applicable usecase for you.

Thanks Panos

Open-source would be ideal.

It’s quite a learning curve for me. I followed the link on the Wiki and ended up at MapTiler.

I am looking for the local equivalent of what the default map is in openremote. I am assuming that this is frequently swapped out by other users of the platform whenever the use case is outside on the Netherlands.

Sounds like the opensource PBF/MBTiles is what I need.

If someone could direct me to an applicable site to download it from that would be much appreciated.

I have done a fair amount of searching and I cannot find a any tiles that are free.
Makes me wish we could just point the map to an OSM url like almost ever other system does.

I just try to use these two: here or here.

There are plenty of ways to convert an osm.pbf tile to a .mbtiles file, you can google around/write some sort of shell or python script to do it for you. There are multiple open-source projects available for you to use!

I just found this archive as well which could be useful:


Thanks Craig
I have got it to work and it was easier than I thought. The resizing of the map with docker etc threw me.
I downloaded an evaluation map of australia, renamed and uploaded it to the /deployment/map directory and created the mapsettings.json file in the same directory and tweeked the settings and managed to get it to work.

Thanks mate - will probably use one of these now that I have got it to work.

Thanks Panos - much appreciated.

I’ll take a look. Thanks

ye getting it to work is fairly easy I just had the same issue as you with only knowing of MapTiler. For
@panos thank you for those resources will have a look at them.

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