Map set option in Phone app

is there any option , how i am able to set location for particular asset through mobile app?

I can view only map .



Option 1 would be to create a dedicated app for your application and include the or-map component to set a location.
Option 2 is overwriting the default config of the location panel. On this wiki page click ‘View the example manager_config used in the sections on this page.’ to view the full example and check out the part about the location panel:

                "type": "info",
                "title": "location",
                "properties": {
                  "include": []
                "attributes": {
                  "include": [
                  "itemConfig": {
                    "location": {
                      "label": "",
                      "readonly": false

As you can see I’ve added “readonly”: false. This makes it so that you can set the location in view mode on the asset page by using long press.

Note: in the example a specific asset type is referenced, you can also set a default. Replace this:

        "assetTypes": {
          "WeatherAsset": {

with this:

"default": {

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks , i will try . :blush: