Maps : indoor map and map related functions

The geographic representation of an IoT device is a basic condition, so working with geographic maps is fundamental.

I would like to know if it is possible, with the openremote mapping system

  • to load a map of a building (indoor map) and positioning the sensors (data source) inside

  • to have more layers on the map, in order to overlay a geojson trace

  • whether it is possible to include Leaflet as a map viewer

  • whether it is possible to select multiple markers to create a table and / or download the data of the selected flags in a csv file.

Thank you.


Our map component uses maplibre (an opensource fork of mapbox) and you can create custom map data sources.

For your requirements using raster map tiles prob makes the most sense and our map component has a raster option (although not used for a long time) that uses the mapbox/maplibre raster library which IIRC uses leaflet.

You could customise the mapwidget.ts file to do whatever you want with the map but unfortunately there’s no existing support for multiple map layers or drag selection of markers