Mobile app on local host deployment

Can the mobile app downloaded from google store communicate with our custom deployment on a local network?

We have deployed a customized openRemote manager (with a new asset type) which is accessible in our local network by other laptops.

When we try to connect through the mobile app, the following error occurs:
“Error occuring getting app config. Check your input and try again”.

Following your instructions from “User Guide - Consoles” tutorial we created the following ourrealm.json file:


"realm": "safeguard",

"initialUrl": " push storage",

"url": " push storage&consoleAutoEnable=true#!geofences",

"menuEnabled": false,

"menuPosition": "BOTTOM_RIGHT",

"menuImage": null,

"primaryColor": "#4D9D2A",

"secondaryColor": "#CFCFCF",

"links": [


        "displayText": "Map",

        "pageLink": " push storage&consoleAutoEnable=true#!geofences"




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