Monitor Solution for Water Management Company

Hi, we are a water company management. We are interested in a OPEN REMOTE platform only for monitorize the following (we do not need have a control of the equipment, only to monitorize):

1 Energy consumption

2 Water consumption

3 Chlorine concentration

4 Water level in reservoirs

We have 10 OPERATIONAL CENTERS, and my objective is show all the graphics and values in one platform.

For Energy and WATER consumption we want use the following product: SMAPPEE (but we also opened in others solution…)

In they say that SMAPPEE is compatible with OPENREMOTE.

So I have the following questions:

1 If I by 10 packs of ENERGY MONITOR more WATER MONITOR ( (NOT SMAPPEE PRO, but only the BASIC VERSION), can you help me to show graphics ans values in OPEN REMOTE? (I remebmber you that SMAPPEE PRO has an API, but maybe SMAPPEE BASIC VERSION do not run with API… do you know if it is so?)

2 For the others mesures (chlorine, and water level), we do no have idea what equipament to use.

So I’d like understand if there are some equipments BRANDS for to do what I need (show graphics and values for Chlorine concentration and water level), that has just integrated in openremote.

Where can I find a list of devices integrated in open remote?

  1. I am in contact with other manufacture of ENERGY CONSUMPTION EQUIPMENT. It has a own platform for show graphics and values ( My QUESTION 3 is: before integrate the equipment in openremote, does is better make an API, and after that to make an integration in open remote? Is that the simple and efectively way for equipment with a own platform?

THANKS for your support.

Hi Giuseppe,

I’ve integrated Smappee protocol to openremote

With this integration you can access each device discovered by smappee and track its energy consumption. Then you can create graphs either in openremote with rrd4j or EmonCMS

In my opinion the second option makes nicer graphs. Of course, if you want you can use other graph package and interface it with Openremote. With rules you can call practically any custom API.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,