Moving from iRule, Openremote Differences

I know the obvious ones, java, etc., and that is fine. I have a few questions though involving what I do with iRule, and, if the same thing is supported in OpenRemote. I am using iRule for A/V system control and some related things like lighting. I use as a client generally a 12" iPad pro. My questions here are not meant to find out how, just if it can.

So, one things is reuseable panels. What I mean by this is say I have a standard left side of the display, standard right side, and standard top on all remote pages. In iRule, these are defined as seperate pages and included on each page. Including them includes all their functionality. So, this allows me to have say volume up/down, mute, temperature, certain light controls, etc on all pages but only create the logic once. Is this possible in OpenRemote, or, is each remote page truly standalone and I have to repeat all these functions on every page?

It appears feedsback is not an issue, i.e., I can take feedback from my Pioneer SC-55 and parse it to come up with feedback? Some of what the SC-55 sends back is byte strings, as in byte 12 "1" might mean the left speaker has audio being sent, byte 13 as a "0" means no surround left, etc. I can parse all that and display what I want, like L for left speaker, etc?

IRule has entrances on pages, there are commands that are executed one time when a page is brought up (say for example changing to Sony BluRay would send a input change to the receiver and initialize a few other settings. Other entrances then can be executed every so often. So, maybe every 10 seconds it checks various things that must be polled for. Can do in OpenRemote?

When douing a system off, I can do this for example: Turn off subwoofers, turn off other stuff, delay, check if subs got turned off, if not, turn off again, etc. Can this be done?

In iRule, I can have background images o the remote looks good. Possible?

I use Eventghost to control some functions on a Windows PC, possible?

Some pages have subpages, so, I can swipe and go to the sub-page, do something, and go right back. Possible?

When bouncing around between devices, I can show a different icon so that I know currently the receiver is set to say the Sony Bluray. I might bounce to a receiver screen, or a light screen, and back to the home page, and see the input is still Sony Bluray. I can show a different image based on something like this?

I could save say the current input in a variable somewhere that other screens can use or check?

I presume there is no IP control driver for Dish Hopper.

For devices with publically known IP control API, I presume even if OpenRemote is not coded to control it, I can write said "driver"? Can new devices be contributed somehow?

So, just trying to find out if OpenRemote would be a good choice for me, or, if too many things might be missing. Sounds like it's very powerful from my initial reading.

Other than IP control, my other devices are controlled via iTach IR, iTach serial (Epson projector), EventGhost via UDP, Insteon HUB, wake on lan, Kodi via their API, and my own set of stuff that I call from iRule via http to receive data for misc stuff. Any issues here?

IRule was a wonderful product, but, they have moved on and will only be doing (at best) maintenance releases. I like open source for the obvious reasons, less likely for this to happen.

Finally, just a nice to have, in iRule, when I hit a button, the image could change to say surround it with blue or whatever to show what button I am hitting (in case one misses). Can one change image like this in OpenRemote?