Moving on from Openremote 2.6

I have an Openremote 2.6 implementation running on a Raspberry Pi that provides a simple KNX lighting/appliance switching and DSC alarm panel I/F console on iOS using the old iOS App. The console is quite customized. I am not strictly a software developer but mastered the Openremote Designer platform to achieve what I needed. When Openremote 2.x was deprecated and replaced with the more IoT focused V3, I was somewhat confused and I still haven’t got my head around it… what I’d really like to know is whether Openremote 3 is going to allow me to achieve the same simple home automation console/iOS pages… and if so is there anything I can read to give me kickstart. Thanks

Hi Ranzo, when we moved to the current manager we moved away from home automation into larger scale applications. It’s typically suitable for device makers and system integrators. Regarding apps it doesn’t include a designer as in 2.5 as you were used to but has two alternatives.

For integrators we have added the insight dashboard builder, which is intended for simple dashboard/mobile apps (typically for an integrator offering his customer an easy straightforward interface) with a drag and drop UI. Based on its usage and requirements we’ll extend it over time.
For device makers a library of web/UI components is intended to simplify building of bespoke apps for end users or installers. That requires typical front end development skills however.

So in short, not a straightforward replacement of your current iOS pages.

Thanks Pierre,
I’ll check out the options and see how I go…

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