MPC song info for sensor

I’m trying to display the current song artist and title in a Sensor. The Sensor is using a Command for Shell execution protocol, where the Command parameter “current” is passed in to the .sh script and the script contains:


mpc -h $1 $2 $3


the Shell script works for all the MPC commands I specify as Command parameters, but I can’t get a string back into the Sensor in OpenRemote. I have the “Song” command set to polling interval of 15s, and Sensor names “SongList”.

the Sensor is “SongList”, pointed to “Song” Command, and Type is custom. I don’t have any rows for Custom state items.

there is a Label with Text set to “Song”, and Sensor set to “SongList”, there are no entries in Sensor State.

When I run the .sh script on the terminal, it echoes the expected string,

How do I retrieve the string from Shell execution and pass into the Label/Sensor?

I also couldn’t get Command “MPD Protocol” working, anyone have any documentation?



Label currently shows N/A