MQTT Agent Link | Value converter text to boolean not working

I have a thing asset connected to an MQTT Agent through an Agent Link. I’m having issues trying to convert the values that I receive from my subscription topic from text values (“on”, “off”) to boolean values (true, false). Please see screenshot below:

I verified that I receive correctly the messages from the MQTT broker using a text attribute called “On Off Text”, so it looks like the problem is in the conversion from text to boolean values.
Can someone help me figure out what I am doing wrong?
Many thanks

Maybe because „true“ and „false“ are sent as string? Try 1 and 0

Hi Denis,
thanks for your reply. I’ve used true/false for boolean elsewhere and it works just fine. Anyway I tried also with 1 and 0 as you suggested but it’s still not working, so I think the problem is something else.