MQTT Agent to Connect with AWS

We have set up a number of MQTT Agent assets in OR to connect with various brokers. In most cases we just need the Host and Port to connect.
We now need to connect to a MQTT broker hosted in AWS and need to use their credentials along the lines of this:

const options = {
protocol: ‘mqtt’,
host: ‘’,
port: 8883,
ca: [fs.readFileSync(‘./AmazonRootCA1.pem’)],
cert: fs.readFileSync(‘./device.pem.crt’),
key: fs.readFileSync(‘./private.pem.key’),

Can anyone please advise how to deal with this in OR where we have to authenticate via certificates?

Hey there,

To connect to the AWS MQTT broker from OR using certificates:

Ensure you have the necessary certificates ready.
Create a new MQTT Agent in OR with the provided details.
Save the configuration.
This setup allows your MQTT Agent to authenticate with the AWS MQTT broker using the certificates provided.

Let me know if you need more help!

Thanks Shawn - I just noticed your reply.

I have created a new MQTT Agent with the Host address and Port and it goes into a waiting status.
Are there particular attributes etc to save the certificates and keys into?

Thanks again