MQTT: Client does not have read permissions

Hi all,

I have been trying to follow the MQTT tutorial and trying to subscribe to the attribute in the Test Thing asset.

  1. I have created a service user “mqttuser” and given it full read+write rights

  2. I have created the Test Thing asset

  3. I have subscribed to the topic “master/attribute/{AssetID}/subscribeAttribute” and “#”

  4. I have tried to toggle the subscribeAttribute check box ON and OFF many times

However, I do not see anything in my MQTT client. Instead, I see the above “Client does not have read permissions on the topic” error in the console.

May I check where I should further look into? Thanks!

Hi all, I have exactly the same problem with the newest docker image. With an older version of the docker image it was and is still working. Seems it is a bug?

Hi @Jeffrey,

Sorry for the inconvenience, but if you look at the line above "Client does not have read permissions on the topic” you see “Second level topic should match clientId”. This is because of an update of the security in the MQTT part of the platform. The wiki has been updated to reflect this:

Hope things are clear now. If not, don’t hesitate sending a reply.

Best Regards,

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Hi @Michael,
Thanks for your reply and it works great!

For everyone having this issue, the client ID is the one set in the MQTT client. It is not set within OR.


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