MQTT Connection Status

Hey @Rich,

do you see any possibilty to check the Connection Status of an Client?

Hey @Denis,

This information is available in the backend and I remember thinking about this use case a while back but don’t think we got around to implementing it.

My plan was to make the information linkable from an attribute to easily allow rules to be created based on changes to the connection status.

Do you have a specific use case that you want to achieve?

Hey @Rich,

my device is deleting all the values at the attribute on disconnect…
but, when there happens an unexpected disconnect, for some reason the last will message doesn’t work (even not on test with MQTTBox).
are there known issues?


We’re using a third party open source MQTT broker implementation and we have plans to migrate to a more functional and actively developed one but I’m not sure LWT functionality is implemented correctly in our current broker as it isn’t something we’ve used so far.