MQTT integration (Mosquitto) - no subscribe message

I’ve tried to configure the MQTT integration with Chirpstack and wasn’t receiving events on OpenRemote. I’ve configured the debug log on Mosquitto (MQTT broker from Chirpstack) and saw that I wasn’t receiving the SUBSCRIBE event from OpenRemote, that was the reason Mosquitto wasn’t sending the PUBLISH message for the device changes - it was sending the PUBLISH message to other MQTT clients except for OpenRemote because it hasn’t received the SUBSCRIBE from it, only the connections, not the subscription. What could cause this behavior on OpenRemote (connecting to the MQTT broker but not subscribing)? As you can imagine, I’m completely new to OpenRemote, just started a container running it, and tried to read as much as possible to make this work, without success until now (I was testing it as an alternative to ThingsBoard I currently use).


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