MQTT not working with tasmota

I. I install tasmota on esp32 with relay switch configure for mqtt.

2. i install openremote in azure cloud and ceate service user and create a asset in OR

3.unable to connect my tasmota based esp32 from openremote to controll the relay switch please any one help me.

I can see that you are having trouble connecting Tasmota on your ESP32 with OpenRemote. Try these steps:

  1. Ensure Tasmota MQTT settings match those in OpenRemote.
  2. Verify the ESP32 can connect to the MQTT broker.
  3. Check for network or firewall issues.
  4. Review Tasmota logs for error messages.
  5. Confirm OpenRemote is correctly configured.
  6. Seek help on Tasmota or OpenRemote forums if needed.