MQTT Setup Documentation


I have read through the wiki entry for MQTT and I remember reading that you were going to update the docs soon, so await that with interest :slight_smile: Something like the weather API example would be good.

My question is that from my initial read I can’t work out whether the connection is to an external broker or if there is an internal one?

I have not been able to establish a connection yet.

Are there any docs on the object format that is put into agent attribute links throughout the manager interface?


Does anybody know how to connect to MQTT?


@Michael should know, he’s integrated it.

@3more the broker is an internal one, which is available after the system is initialised.

We’re currently working on some improvements to the system to make it easier to setup a proper way to connect with MQTT. Once we’ve made the changes, we’ll update the wiki pages and I’ll let you know so you can continue on making the connection! :wink:

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Ok, thanks, I will continue to review the documentation.