MQTT Setup Documentation


I have read through the wiki entry for MQTT and I remember reading that you were going to update the docs soon, so await that with interest :slight_smile: Something like the weather API example would be good.

My question is that from my initial read I can’t work out whether the connection is to an external broker or if there is an internal one?

I have not been able to establish a connection yet.

Are there any docs on the object format that is put into agent attribute links throughout the manager interface?


Does anybody know how to connect to MQTT?


@Michael should know, he’s integrated it.

@3more the broker is an internal one, which is available after the system is initialised.

We’re currently working on some improvements to the system to make it easier to setup a proper way to connect with MQTT. Once we’ve made the changes, we’ll update the wiki pages and I’ll let you know so you can continue on making the connection! :wink:

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Ok, thanks, I will continue to review the documentation.

Would be great to be able to simply connect to an external MQTT broker.

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I’m new to OpenRemote and I’m trying to get use to it .

As an Electronics Maker, most of my Circuits are MQTT ready . I worked in the past with this EMQX broker which it is high scalable/reliable , Opensource and it has a lightweight version for Edges ARM/x86 platform deployment.

In my opinion this would be a Big asset to the system .

EMQX supports websockets but it needs an authorised header and toiling to find the formatting of how this authorised header should be sent (from openremote to EMQX) it would be a work around but toiling to find formatted examples of what the header should even look like!
There would be an option to also create a direct bridge from EMQX to another broker perhapd an internal one that openremote uses but im toiling how to connect to anything MQTT related which is a shame as this actually looks like a cool application

There is an Udemy course which I’m attending ( I’m not a Software person ) Just a curious guy with Intention of learning areas out of my Comfort zone (Electronics) . This IOT integrates EMQX and everything is Done from Scratch , Maybe someone with more advance knowledge, may find some info at APIs examples .,

Apologies for the delay but the OpenRemote Manager API documentation has now been updated and connecting to our MQTT broker should be a bit clearer now, please see here:

Feedback is always welcome.


Richard, there would could always be a workaround using Node-Red or even rules in EMQX that could forward to the internal MQTT broker openremote is internally using. It will be great when there is a connector to go out and connect to a remote broker, but appreciate it will be on the list of things to do, once this is the case I think you would see a sharp uptake in people using your system. Is there any chance in the near future you could do a quick video of how to get a MQTT value from the internal openremote broker into the system using MQTT from start to finish to take us lesser mortals through it step by step. this would really help in using openremote as it has a lot of potential. I liked the whitelabel and the map alterations as this was excellent to help us understand and if there was a similar one for MQTT that would be awesome. keep up the great work