MQTT subscription with clean-session flag

Hi, I can easily subscribe to the attribute topics with my mqtt client.
I can also receive publications from the mqtt topic I’m subscribed to.
So my mqtt client can keep track of the updates done to the corresponding attribute.
That’s all good.

For this to work, however, I need to keep my mqtt client constantly connected once I’m subscribed to a topic so I can receive updates of the corresponding attribute.

If my mqtt client gets disconnected it may well miss some updates.
I would like to receive these missed updates the next time my client reconnects.
This feature is natively supported by mqtt brokers by setting a ‘clean-session’ flag to 0 when connecting to the broker.
I would expect the OpenRemote broker to support that as well?

So if my connection is closed/lost, then I miss topic updates, finally reconnect again with the clean-session flag set to 0, I would like to receive all the updates to my topi that I missed.
Unfortunately when doing that, I do not receive the missed updates.

Is the clean-session flag supported by the OpenRemote mqtt broker?
Is there something else that needs be done to get topic updates that were missed while disconnected from the MQTT broker?


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