New to operemote please guide with minum system requirements

Tried using it with google cloud with 2GB RAM (ec2 small)but it’s crashing I tried finding minimum system requirements but couldn’t find any, please guide minimum system config to make it run and any available deployments for low end systems like e2 micro with 1GB RAM with basic setup for some users… thanks


RAM 4 gb min required

Lots of our own deployments run on 2GB of RAM, so that should not be the issue.
Especially if you have a basic instance with a few users and a few assets.
Some of our larger deployments use 4GB memory or more.

We’ve also had users deploying on Raspberry Pi devices, making the minimum requirement even lower.

Can you share the issues you’re experiencing?

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Thanks while I was running the docker I needed to wait longtime on 2GB RAM even some random files missing errors where coming and couldn’t reach the site, the thing resolved when I had used for trial a 8GB RAM of GCP, but I want it to use in 2GB RAM itself or lower like 1GB e2 micro

Of course the lower the spec, the slower the instance.
Especially if you run all of the services on a 1GB RAM server with low spec hardware;
A proxy, keycloak (auth), manager (which is backend + web server), and postgresql database.
It becomes tricky.

It should all be possible, but it comes with downsides such as longer loading times of web pages.
Errors like the ones you mentioned could have numerous causes, so please share if you have issues.

Don’t know if @Rich or @michal can provide context or options for running OR on low spec hardware?

while trying to run on a 2GB RAM I needed to wait for approx 15 min after the sentence starting_openremote_manager_1 and was thrown error, attached image again mentioning if I just used a higher RAM it worked in this case with some messages of services being run and was able to reach but not in low specs

On ARM-based system, 2 GB RAM is enough. I’ve even go on down to 512M one day with swap file enabled, as there is a bit more memory required during startup than by the normal operation. For legacy Intel CPU-based systems, I would recommend 4 GB, though. I hope this helps.