Node XML files are not being created (ZWAVE)

After upgrading to Controller version 2.6.0 beta 3, I am having issues with my existing Z-wave network. I can only control one switch, out of 11, because the rest are missing the node**.xml definition files in the webapps/controller/zwave/ folder. I am not sure how these are generated (I assume it is a part of the designer and anything I do locally will get overwritten).

node11.xml exists, no other nodes have definitions.



How do I get the other definition files generated?

Here is the condensed log output:

INFO 2017-09-11 19:37:35,398 : Startup complete.
WARN 2017-09-11 19:54:09,967 : Node : Node ‘10’ : Discarded [APP_CMD_HANDLER_FRAME : NodeID=‘10’, Status=[RECEIVE_STATUS_TYPE_SINGLE], CommandClass=‘COMMAND_CLASS_HAIL’, Command=‘0x01’, Parameters: [ - ]] because ‘COMMAND_CLASS_HAIL’ hasnt been implemented yet or the node hasnt been initialized yet.
ERROR [HTTP-Thread-33]: Failed to execute REST API call ‘’ : Invalid URL format – expected format ‘/rest/devices/{device_name}/commands?name={command_name}’, got ‘/rest/commandsnull’.
ERROR 2017-09-11 20:02:37,932 : Command : Failed to execute [Command : NodeID=‘10’, EndPoint=‘0’, CommandString=‘ON’, ParamValue=’–’] because could not find a suitable Z-Wave command class for command ‘ON’.
ERROR [HTTP-Thread-32]: Command : Failed to execute [Command : NodeID=‘10’, EndPoint=‘0’, CommandString=‘ON’, ParamValue=’–’] because could not find a suitable Z-Wave command class for command ‘ON’.


When the controller starts it tries to communicate with the Z-Wave devices in order to retrieve all information from them to create the nodeX.xml files. If communication with a device failed you should see a related error in the log but I don’t see them in your condensed log output.

Please restart the controller and send the complete Z-Wave log to rainer at

After reading your response, I realized that the issue was the ZStick was not able to communicate with the nodes for some unknown reason. After trying several things for an hour, I ended up doing a factory reset on the Aeon Labs Zstick S2 (using an old version of Z-way). After adding all of the nodes back in, I started the controller and everything is now happy. It even allowed me to clear out older nodes that no longer functioned and were returned under warranty (cant exclude them through software yet).

For all others facing this issue, your ZWave nodes must be alive and connectable before you start the controller for these files to be created.

Also keep in mind that battery powered devices are most of the time in deep sleep mode that means communication with them is most probably not possible at the time when the controller starts. In this case the nodeX.xml file is created after the first wake up of the device. If the wake up time of the device is zero it may be necessary to wake up the device manually.

In order to remove nodes that are in the so called ‘failed nodes list’ there are 2 undocumented (note I’ll update the documentation soon) commands available :

Protocol: Z-Wave

Z-Wave nodeID: 1


Protocol: Z-Wave

Z-Wave nodeID: 1


That means you could create the ‘FAILED_NODE_LIST_STATUS’ command in the designer and execute it to see what’s in the ‘failed nodes list’. After that you could remove nodes that are in the list with the 'REMOVE_FAILED_NODE ’ command (e.g. node 7 is in the list —> remove command : REMOVE_FAILED_NODE 7). To be clear the REMOVE_FAILED_NODE command should only be used to remove defective devices from the Z-Wave network. The standard way to remove nodes from the Z-Wave network should always be the exclusion function of the controller.

Battery powered devices are never in the ‘failed node list’ because a battery powered device can all the time be in deep sleep mode. There is no chance for the controller to detect if a battery powered device is defective or in deep sleep mode. With the upcoming Z-Wave version 3.3.0 it’s even possible to remove defective battery powered devices from the Z-Wave network.