Open APIs with free sensor data for use

Hello everyone!

I’m a university student in my final year of studies. I’m doing my thesis about using a platform like OpenRemote and essentially creating a use case that lays the foundations for the development of a conventional city into a smart city. I want to know if anybody can suggest to me any possible open APIs that provide real-time data (kinda like those available in the demo) from sensors and other devices (e.g street lamps, chargers, parking lot sensors, etc). Also, it’d be good if said data can be requested through HTTP.

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Hi Dimitris, the data in the demo are merely using the simulator Agent. You can imagine most of these types of data are not public. However a few examples:

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Hey Pierre, I had a look at the tutorial which I found from another post for using the Simulator Agent to simulate replaying data and got it functioning. I’ll also have a look at the services you suggested. Thanks again!