Open Remote controlling an inverter or battery


How would I use Open Remote to control an inverter or battery energy storage system?



Hi David,

can you be more specific? I.e. what kind of interfaces do you have? What you would like to control? Do you have specs of the system you want to control?

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Hi Michal,

Thanks for responding.

First up, love what Open Remote is doing. An open platform IoT implementation. Great!

Implementing a VPP or a microgrid would likely require the ability to despatch energy from a battery to meet grid load or local microgrid load respectively. The battery manufacturers can be a bit coy about exposing their control APIs. Has Open Remote implemented battery control in any of the use cases descried on the website? What would be the recommended way to implement this control through Open Remote?

Similarly, using smart inverter features like setting the export setpoint or exporting VARs for grid management requires inverter control. What’s the recommended way to do this with Open Remote?



Hi David, of course you need to have control over the battery, which is not just a technical/API issue. There are indeed projects which control batteries. It’s done with setpoint power (charge/discharge), based on evaluating three parameters, and their forecasts: power generation, consumption, and electricity prices.

So I’m guessing that you’re not exposing any battery control APIs within publicly available Open Remote source?

Assuming that I have organised access to the battery control API through a battery manufacturer, what is your recommendation for how to call that API within Open Remote?



These rules can be programmed within the Rules editor (needs installing the code yourself). We hope users will share these rule sets in due time as well.