Open Remote specifications

Hey there
I want to find detailed specifications about openremote platform , such as connectivity protocles ,Thing-Platform Interaction Types ,SDK 4 Things , Virtualization , …

Can someone answer my questions or give me a link ?

Thank you

Welcome to the community.

Please take a look at this wiki and ask any questions you have.

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I want to know about openremote inner form , like :
1 . How platform communicates with devices ? Set/ Get , calling functions , sending trap event , sending data regulary (monitoring)

2 . Does it have tools for developing SDK for things?

3 . How do we discover things for example when they are booting or somehow regular updating or …?

4 . Is there a device management system for handling failures , performance managing , saving configuratons and …

sorry for my poor English

It’s your kindness for helping me

Hi Ismail,

Developer Guide for openremote 3.0 at

hey there
i have looked at it but i coudn’t find my answers

i need technical details of openremote .

thank you

Can you be just a little more specific please?

As most of the questions can be answered by looking at either of the links you have here.

Do you have a very specific project you're working on that needs professional support?

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Sure , I would be .
Sorry for answering late , I haven’ marked email updates .
Actually at this time , i’m not a developer . I’m just collecting some important (describing) information from IOT middlewares for comparing them and making a list of useful features .

As i said i’m not a technical developer , I couldn’t find the answers .

Q :

  • Does it have facilites for machine learning and AI ?

  • Does it support Virtualization? I mean sharing platform for some networks and distinct clients.

  • Does it have facilites for developing SDK for things(devices)?

  • How do things are discovered? At booting? or a specific discovery protocol? or things regularly introduce themselves? Admin can create them manually?

That list sounds like you've got a very specific end game in mind.

It might be worth directly reaching out to the commercial support team if your project has a commercial budget.

However if you're​ researching for your personal use, it might be worth befriending a hard core programmer. (By "befriending", I mean "be prepared to pay for their time")

Hmmm , i dont get paid for collecting data , I’m just a student . Thank you for helping me .