OpenDesigner Pro Fonts

A really stupid question, but how do I change the font type and font size used in OpenDesigner?

I want to change the size and color of text on buttons and labels

Size and colour on labels is easy, just select the label and select what you want from the fields on the right.

Doing that on a button isn't possible (yet again, I'm happy to be corrected)
I use images with the text embedded.

If you want to get really arty, you can link a sensor to an image and have different text / images for every state that sensor can present.

For example, I have a custom date sensor with a state for each residents birthday, then an image linked to that state.

(A transparent image when not active)

It's silly, but it taught me how to work with custom sensors and the date command.

The trick was to create a command that formatted the date without spaces