OpenRemote 101 Question

Hi, I am new to OpenRemote solution and I have very basic question.

  1. Using OpenRemote can we scan the network and identity the IoT assets that are in the field.
  2. What is the process of connecting an IoT or OT devices to OpenRemote.
  3. Do I need to install a software based agent (code) on each IoT device or do I need to have a physical connector which talks to IoT devices and the EdgeGateway or Central Gateway.
  4. The connection between end IoT devices and Central Gateway (OpenRemote) is that on TLS, meaning the metrics and information flow between IoT and Central gateway is protected over encrypted secure tunnel ?
  5. If the IoT device does not have a GPS tracker, how do i get the location information. Also if the IoT is under a private network how does location information is tracked when there is no ability for GeoIP information.