OpenRemote 2.6.0 on Debian x86

Here my setup:

  • Debian(Jessie) x86 (default java)

  • AEOTEC Z-Stick Gen5

  • Fibaro Double Switch 2 (Gen5): FGS-223

I’m very new to z-wave/openremote. Have been trying to make it all work, but with no success so far.

I started with OR 2.5.0 and deployed it on my debian box. No issues connecting to the designer/syncing/android app… But, couldn’t get the switch to… switch!

In the zwave.log I could see some communication going, but lots of transmission errors.

Anyway, switch to the latest beta (2.6.0) made the logs look way better… Fibaro switch still doesn’t switch, but hopefully with some of your support…

Here what I get while running “ start”:

- boot.log

Indeed it’s the same multiinstance/security issue.

I’ll work on this in the near future - that means in a few days there will be a new version available that fixes this bug.

Please, reply to this thread when you have something ready to give it a try.


W dniu wtorek, 10 stycznia 2017 11:41:41 UTC+1 użytkownik Rainer Hitz napisał:

There is a new version that works with the Fibaro Double Switch 2 FGS-223.

Z-Wave 3.1.3 Beta1

I’ve got it working with the following configuration (parameter 20 = 0 --> momentary switch).

1 1 1 1 2 20 0 1


See ‘Z-Wave Device Configuration’ in the Wiki for how to configure associations and parameters.