OpenRemote app crashes on Android phone


I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S5 (unrooted) and my OpenRemote app crashes constantly and several times per day. I have only a basic GUI with one screen and 5 switches.

  1. I open OR and it starts ok. Functionality is perfect, fast reaction time, no delays.
  2. I push the home button of the device to open the home screen. I use other apps.
  3. After some minutes I open OR again. Only a black screen appears. When I do nothing the screensaver gets active, no GUI will appear.
  4. When I push the home button to activate the screen again still it only shows a black screen. When I click the home button again it takes some seconds for the home screen to appear. Phone feels slow just like performing heavy operations on CPU. Opening OR again still shows only a black screen and phone is heavy under load.
  5. When I close the app with the taskmanager phone is feeling fast again.
  6. When I open OR again GUI will appear and everything is fine again.
  7. Loop to 2.

Do you have any idea what is happening and how I can solve this?

I have some more observations regarding this case:

  1. I opened OpenRemote app on my Galaxy and it was working fine
  2. I left the phone for some hours without pressing the home button, so OpenRemote was the last app I used.
  3. When I picked up the phone and pressed the homebutton after a couple of hours OpenRemote GUI was showing up and was working fine. No black screen.

Another observation:

  1. OpenRemote app was in broken/locked state again (only black screen without visible UI elements)
  2. When I click on “Return” button the Controller List screen appears and shows my controller settings. Controller is reachable so green icon is showing.
  3. When I click the controller entry the GUI screen loads succesfully and everything is working fine.
  • Me too - since I started using Openremote in 2015, on very simple screens,

Devices include Nexus 7, Note 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Tab 4 & Galaxy Tab S2

I have the same problems on my Nexus 5X Android 7.0.
The problem is also described here: