Openremote app keeps crashing on iphone


for the last couple of weeks my openremote app keeps crashing on my iphone. it was working fine for a long time prior to that. I dont recall making any changes anywhere that could have done this.

it also works fine on my Android phone.

i have attached crash reports from my iphone - if any one if familiar on how to debug, i would greatly appreciate.


OpenRemote-2018-10-05-212011.ips (117 KB)

OpenRemote-2018-10-01-224554.ips (116 KB)

What IOS version to you run? You probably updated the IOS version to 12.x. I have the same after the upgradeā€¦


That's correct. I upgraded to IOS 12 on iPhone 6s and I think the issue started after that.

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that we released an update to the iOS console that has been re-compiled with iOS 12 SDK.

It also improves support of the latest devices released by Apple.

We could not reproduce the issue reported here however. Please let us know if the update fixes it or not. If not, can you please provide more information on how to reproduce it ?