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I need to duplicate approximately 32 rules and move them to another realm. I think the openremote_cli tool could be useful for accomplishing this quickly. However, I haven’t been able to find any documentation or examples about the or_cli tool. Is the or_cli tool suitable for achieving what I need?

What is the quickest way to change the agents and assets within each rule without having to do it manually through the manage UI?

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Hi gandalf,

Openremote_cli was created about 2 years ago to speed up deployments of custom projects according to the method used at that time. In the meantime the deployment method is changed and development of openremote_cli abandoned and I’m not aware of any other tool available for automating deployment tasks. Regarding documentation, there is —help flag available which gives some hints. There is nothing more I’m afraid. Personally, I’m still using openremote_cli as a poor man SSO (I don’t have to remember all passwords as they are kept in the config file). Moreover, it runs everyday UI tests for based on Selenium headless browser, so we know that users won’t face a blank page.

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Thanks for your answer Michal.

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