OpenRemote Controller and Velbus Gateway (velserv.c based) on ASUSTOR NAS

For those interested…

Based on info found on the ASUSTOR Developer Corner I created 2 app packages that allow me to use OpenRemote in combination with Velbus hardware on my ASUSTOR 5102T.

Velbus Gateway

The first app is based on the velserv.c code (version 1.5) written by Jeroen De Schepper.

The attached velserv_1.5_x86-64_CONTROL.7z (provided as is) contains all files needed to create this app apart from the compiled velserv.c.


  • works on the latest ASUSTOR ADM 3.0; on earlier versions I wasn’t able to find the appropriate usb device file; with the latest ASUSTOR update, the default /dev/ttyACM0 appears and can be used!
  • Port # 6000


Included for completeness:

  • I did encounter 1 issue: re-starting the velserv sometimes results in the usb (serial) device not being accessible anymore.

dmesg error message:

cdc_acm 1-2:1.0: failed to set dtr/rts

Info from Jeroen: check the USB cable!



OpenRemote Controller

In a similar way I also created an ‘OpenRemote Controller’ app package - based on the latest 2.6.0_beta3 version (as this version includes support for Velbus).

The attached openremote-controller_2.6.0 beta3_any_CONTROL.7z (provided as is) contains all files needed to create this app.


  • I removed all .exe and .bat files as these are not required
  • Port # 8688


First impressions are definitely positive: all of the above was quite easy and the result seems to run stable.

To put this into perspective: I started to work on integrating my Velbus installation in OpenRemote just a couple of days ago. Any statements related to stability will need confirmation.

I also only have a minimal Velbus installation (with a couple of non-supported, older modules), so whether this scales easily to bigger installations I cannot assess.

Have fun!



openremote-controller_2.6.0_beta3_any_CONTROL.7z (6.52 KB)

velserv_1.5_x86_64_CONTROL.7z (7.37 KB)

Best to add a correction:
In contrast to what I’ve written, the Velbus integration already exists for a couple of years.

Also, I worked on OpenRemote Controller version 2.6.0_beta3 as I assumed it included the latest version of the Velbus integration (v1.3.1).
This is not correct - it contains version 1.3.0.

Other - maybe even more stable - configurations can be easily setup based on the current release OpenRemote Controller v2.5 combined with the latest Velbus integration (v1.3.1).

More info can be found on