OpenRemote Design System (Figma)

Greetings Everyone,

I have a query regarding OpenRemote System Design. Is there any pre-existing Figma template or design system available that allows for the creation of custom tiles and windows for the Front End? Any guidance in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

For the front-end you can simply check the White-labeling video available on the Youtube of OpenRemote Channel. That is surely gonna help you with the adjustment of Map Tiles.
Front Page, Logo, Design and Everything.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

May I ask for a link for that video?

Thank you in advance.

The whitelabeling video is a guide for configuring the looks of the OpenRemote on a deployment.
It’s quite old, especially since several options are now available on the appearance page in the Manager UI.
The wiki has a guide on it as well, which is more up to date:

Regarding our design system:

Within OpenRemote we practice Material Design version 2.
They have a Figma design file and other resources available as well here.
So if you are designing a custom UI, that will help a lot :wink:

Regarding colors; the defaults can be changed per realm,
so be aware that the primary color is flexible. (default is OR color #4d9d2a)