Openremote Designer Import - How does that work?

Hello OR,

I am wondering what I am doing wrong by using the import function of OR Designer.

My idea was to design a panel by changing the panel.xml manually (text editor) and afterwards zip the whole content including the modified panel.xml and import all this into the OR Designer. The outcome is always the sane, that I do not see any change at all, although I tried doing it by just changing a label description.

So what I am doing wrong. Is it at all possible to do local (manual) changes and upload it again or not. If not, for what can I use the import function?



It's more for backing up designs and importing them to new accounts or to restore a design.

controller.xml and panel.xml are only used by client applications and are ignored by the import wizard.

If you're feeling particularly adventurous...

You could look very carefully at modeller.xml and see if you can spot anything useful.