OpenRemote Manager 3.0 versus Designer 2.x

The new OpenRemote Manager 3.0 is still in BETA. However, functionality is getting there, with all pieces in place for an open source IoT platform. For those who also have been using the Designer (2.x) or those who got mixed up finding information on both the Designer and the Manager, we apologise for the confusion.

As we want to keep both platforms available for now, however targeting quite different user groups, and without a migration path (that was too hard to achieve), we have split up communication:

So just be aware of that!

If I understand correctly, it is to assume that Designer 2.5 will be around for a while or is there an end date? Is there a plan to develop 2.5 any more?

Hi Nils, we will not develop 2.5 any further but will keep it running for the time being. Although 3.0 is not a one-on-one replacement (yet), we hope to get your feedback on what you are missing. The biggest difference is that 3.0 does not have a UI Designer but a standard UI and a library of UI/web components, which allows building your own apps with existing frameworks, like eg. React, Angular…