OpenRemote problem with dimming lights by VMBDMI-R

I have installed a Raspberry Pi and connected it to my Velbus installation to be able to control my domotica from handheld device by use of OpenRemote.
I am now testing somewhat in Openremote before setting up the final interface.
I succeeded in switching a light on/off and sending a screen up and down from my smartphone panel…
But I am not able to dim a light with module VMBDMI-R by use of a slider on my smartphone panel.
Is there a minimum level of Firmware needed for the VMBDMI-R ?
I checked and noticed that my VMBDMI-R has build 1515. I have bought them end 2016 and installed them in 2017.
If the firmware is not the problem, can you please give me a detailed example of the device / commands I need to config in OpenRemote to get my dimmer working.
Many thx in advance.

Problem slider OpenRemote.pdf (79.6 KB)

Thanks for posting this here too, it will help others looking for a similar answer.

As posted in the Velbus forum.

Yes, a level sensor is fine.

A range sensor is useful if you want to restrict min & max levels.

As for setting up the New Level command, you should treat it like it’s going to be used with a button, to set an exact level.

Velbus address is the Decimal version of the module’s base address

Command is “Dimmer Level” which accepts a value between 0 & 100

Command values breaks down in this example as…


Channel 1
Level 100
Fade time 5 seconds (this last value is optional)

Network number is optional, as detailed in the How to.

The important thing about this command is that the Level will be overwritten by the slider position, likewise this command can be used (as is) from the rules to inject new levels.