Openremote server in support of abandoned hardware that once worked on proprietary clouds!

Hello guys, I’ve been testing OpenRemote for a few weeks and I must say that I love it. I must say that the platform is totally flexible and quite easy to learn (The tutorials available on the wiki were a great help). I digress a little from the subject that brings me here… forgive my enthusiasm.

An article read on a forum challenged me, it talked about how Insteon a company based in home automation, connected homes has left millions of customers unprepared after having closed the servers that managed its equipment and that without no explanation.
As the article explains, this is not an isolated case (Revolv, Iris, Insignia, Staples Connect, Wink).

So my question how can we use Openremote and as an open IOT platform for this kind of various equipment(s) and on what basis could we charge for the use of such a service?

Original in English
This one in French

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I guess it first requires creating a locally working agent protocol to all of the devices/gateways of these brands, as their cloud server probably has disappeared together with their staff :slight_smile:

So if there is anybody interested to build these protocol agents, and document how these can be added to a Custom Project it would be free to all! I am sure there are some people who would appreciate professional (paid) support from yourselves to get it running with their existing installation.