OprenRemote Designer 2.5 Does not save UI Changes !!!

I am utterly frustrated with the OpenRemote Designer 2.5.

I have just spend 2 hours designing a new UI layout, saving regularly every 5 minutes and waited until I get the acknowledgement back that it saved the UI layout.

However, when I logged out and returned 5 minutes later to start downloading the design to the controller, I discovered that only the first changes was saved.


Seeing that I paid €200 for the Designer license, I am not impressed.

Can anybody from OpenRemote Designer please check what is going on?

I am using macOS Sierra with Firefox browser

Hi Johan

I’m also having this issue, been like this for a few days now

If I make any changes and click save, they are gone the next time I log in (Normally saving can take a few seconds to complete but it seems to be instant now, maybe something going on server side?)

Have you heard anything from OpenRemote?


I have the same problem. Luckily its with a trial/free license, and my work is 3 buttons ina grid and 1 image.

I tried multiple platforms and browsers to do the design.I also tried to export the design to a zip (but after reading the xml files, I see they're not as shown.

I have to admit, I sometimes (I think from the iPad) get a HTTP500 error when surfing to designer.openremote.com.

I finally gave up and created a new open remote account and that seems to work.

Deadly silence from openremote …

I have started an evaluation of Home Assistant and it looks very good. Here is the web site https://home-assistant.io if you want to check it out

There is a much more active and supportive user community and everything is open source



Sorry that we haven’t been replying, but we didn’t miss your call for help. The issue with not saving is one we are aware of. We won’t bother you with the technical reason why this happens, as you won’t be interested in that. We are working on a fix where you at least will get a warning when your update doesn’t save. As it saves automatically, the worst thing which can happen, is that you will have a bit of rework between two auto-saves.

Any idea on the time-frame?

Hi all,

Something similar happen to me. I can save some commands modifications on the Building Modeler but any update to the UI Designer will not be saved.

Another strange thing, for exemple, is if I rename a device in the Building Modeler, It will be saved on the Online designer, but if I download the openremote.zip and look into the building_modeler.xml, the device kept its old name…

Please don’t hesitate to ask if I can help.

Best regards,