OR 2.5 on Synology can't start

Hello there,
Just upgraded to the 2.5 version. First I met the 500 error, so a lot of job to recreate everything, but will work.

Anyway, I have an issue I can’t solve. I would appreciate any help you can provide.

As before, I want to run the OR Controller on my Syno.

Using the java manager and the embedded version from PCLoadletter, java is running on my syno.

I downloaded and installed the package for OR, everything fine, no error message.

However, impossible to launch the app. It remains stopped.

Any idea?

Many thanks for your help


Which version of the DSM?

I have everything worked well with OR 2.1.1 in the past on DSM5.0, and works well now OR 2.6.2 on DSM6.0.2.

From PCLoadletter installed: OR 2.6.2_Beta version and Java8 + (jce_policy-8 from Java site).

But recently, the controller no longer synchronized online with the designer. Only offline.


Good point. Just found that it’s impossible to upgrade my DSM, my NAS is too old.

So I’m stuck on DSM5.x

unfortunately, I upgraded OR to 2.6 before discovering that it isn’t compatible with the DSM5.2