Hi Forum,

I have a question concerning the Openremote REST API.

Is there any documentation of that? What exactly is the
logic to build the url and what are the possibilities?

In the forum I can find some threads about it and they refer
to the documentation but that link is not correct anymore.

For instance an example I found; http://localhost:8688/controller/rest/control/59522/ON
where 59522 refers to a button in a GUI I suppose.

But suppose I want to trigger a command for which I have no setup
in my panel. Can I refer immediately to that command? Anything more the API has to offer?

Usage I’m thinking of: for instance via my garmin watch I
can trigger url commands. If OR would allow me to control my KNX or shell commands
(which I do not all have configured for my phone), would be great.

Many thanks!

I can only help by telling you that the Automatically assigned numbers are located in controller.xml

I've tried them with..

And dimmer values.

Good luck

This has been answered in one of the questions in this forum. I am away from my computer for the next couple of days. If you can't find it, I will look for it after I get back. Basically that is a much simpler syntax based on the sensor names that can be used rather than searching for and using these assigned numbers