OTAA and ABP LoRaWAN connection

Hi everyone, I’m new to OpenRemote so I would really appreciate any support.

Is OpenRemote suitable if you want to connect LoRa sensors and gateways to an LoRaWAN network?

If so, can you use Over-The-Air-Activation (OTAA) or Activation-By-Personalisation (ABP) to establish the connections?

Thank you!

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Hi, I’m also looking for LaraWan integration. I have searched quiet a lot, but nor really found something good. I Use the Arduino MKR 1310 Device which works perfect with TTN but for me I would like to have a direct interaction with OpenRemote.

is interesting but cannot find dedicated Information about the “LoRa OpenRemote Edge Device” and its Configuration?
Anyone has some knowledge

Many Thanks

Got my answer. It’s not an Edge Device its a Simple LoraWan Gateway :wink:
quiet stupid question from me…


We generally don’t get involved in low level protocols but try and focus on the application layer (MQTT being the general choice); the repo referenced was a proof of concept by some students and IIRC they did have low powered ESP32 LoRa devices which communicated with a LoRa gateway that then communicated with OpenRemote over MQTT.

Hi @aday, OpenRemote doesn’t offer a LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) component directly but we’re currently looking into what’s needed to integrate with LoRaWan platforms like ‘The Things Network’. Integration is usually done via Webhooks (HTTP) or MQTT.