Passing variables through to HTTP agent


I setup an OpenRemote cluster using docker-compose.

I was able to login and setup an agent and a single LED asset.

I added an HTTP agent that is linked to the on/off attribute of my led.

I see an http query hit my led http server:

GET /?colourRGB=notavalidvalue HTTP/1.1.
Connection: Keep-Alive.
User-Agent: Apache-HttpClient/4.5.13 (Java/17.0.4).

I can see that OR is sending the HTTP query to the LED lights but I can’t get OpenRemote to pass the RGB value or the onOff value in the query.

I added the “Query Parameters” parameter to my agent link and set the value :


colourRGB being the attribute that holds the RGB value for the led asset.

When I do the above, I see the following error in the console of OR :

manager_1     | 2022-08-28 23:18:39.534  SEVERE  [Messaging-ActuatorTopic-59    ] gent.protocol.http.HTTPProtocol.PROTOCOL : Exception thrown whilst doing attribute write request
manager_1     | java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: RESTEASY003720: path param this.colourRGB has not been provided by the parameter map

So clearly it’s being seen as a variable but it’s not resolving.

If I set the value to “notavalidvalue” I see that passed in the HTTP query.

How do I pass through the attributes of my asset as either GET parameters or Headers to the LED controller?

LED controller is a php script on a raspberry pi zero 2 w.

Thank you!