Philips hue integration


We have a system of philips hue and We want to integrate the bridge or the bulbs with openremote only for change colour when a Threshold of a sensor of temperature change. Do you have any guide or steps for make this integration?

Thank you


Hello @fmmm
I didn’t test philips hue yet but when I need to control home device I use a raspberry Pi with node-red to control the devices. Then if you want to manage it from openremote you can use mqtt to read/write from openremote to the raspberry

Have a look at this

As @pcr described you should look into using standards like MQTT and HTTP.
Especially with ecosystems like Philips Hue there are many tutorials and 3rd party tools available to work those standards. (See a quick search on “How do I connect to my Philips Hue device using [protocol]”)

All supported portocols, as well as tutorials for HTTP and MQTT are found in the wiki: