Port 80 consumed by nginx, how can install OR Manager

Port 80 consumed by nginx, now during the installation of OR manager, showing error. Shall I change 80:80 with any other port in docker-compose.yml ? if yes then how? lets say I want to do 90: shall I do 80:90 ? or 90:90? which one is correct?

Port 80 is used by the proxy container to request SSL certificates using certbot as far as I know, certbot requires port 80 (doesn’t seem configurable).

You could change the port 80 mapping of the proxy service (a search of docker docs would explain the syntax of the ports definition (but the first number is what you would change). This would mean that SSL certs could not generated but maybe you could map from nginx to the proxy on the new port for request paths beginning with /.well-known/acme-challenge/