Possible to contribute a "protocol" or device integration?

I don’t see any doc, unless I am missing it, for any standards or guides for developing new protocol and device integrations. For example, you have a Denon device integration, what if one wanted to create a Pioneer integration? If one did so, could it be contributed, and if so, are there any development guidelines? Or, are you unable to support such contributions?

Hi Steve, yes of course you can contribute but preferably to 3.0. Unfortunately the pages referring to contributions for 2.5 got lost while we migrated all documentation to GitHub… Don’t ask why :frowning: Currently we are putting most our efforts in our next version platform 3.0. This doesn’t have a UI editor (yet) so it might not (yet) be of interest for you. If you want to follow up, drop me an e-mail at pierre@openremote.org