Pro Designer Import and Export


I think there is a problem with the caching, import and export of the Pro Designer.

I have saved a design in Pro Designer and export it as a zip file.

I then delete the design, save the Pro Designer and log out. I also cleared the browser cache.

Off-line, I unzip the exported zip file and manually edit the panel.xml file by changing the text on the buttons. I re-zip all the files and import the new zip back into Pro Designer.

However, the text on the buttons are still exactly as before.

What am I doing wrong?

Because the Panel.xml and Controller.xml files are only used in your local controller.

Both the contents of Panel.xml & Controller.xml are compiled in modeller.xml which is what is read when you import your design back to the online designer.

Thanks for the feedback

Stuart is right, panel.xml is used by the controller to provide information to the console connecting to it and not by the designer itself.

The designer uses the ui_state.xml and building_modeler.xml files but you should NOT edit those manually, they’re basically an XML serialization of a Java object graph.