Problem APP openremote

Hello, We are having problems to connect the app with a realm that We created, after follow every step:

  1. Create in the UI a new realm with name “ourrealm”

  2. Find docker-compose.yml and in there add the following folder structure:

|-- manager
| |-- consoleappconfig
| | | – ourrealm.json

After that we try to connect in the app with “” and we get the next error:

Not possible go to:
https: // why:

Why We are getting that error?

and also if we try to connect in the app with “ manager/?realm” we connect with the realm master even if in the realm field We set like ourrealm like realm that we want to go

Any idea about the problem that We have?

Could you try to input “” in the app to see if that works?
Are you using Android or iOS?

Regarding your second question, you didnt add the actual realm name (that might just be a typo here though…). So it should be


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Thank you very much Don,

We have try without /manager like you said with only “http:/” and works!

Thanks for your quick reply


Hi again,

in Android is working setting “” without manager, but in IOS doesnot work,

we are getting the error:
“error ocurred getting app config. Check your input and try again”

Do you Know why in IOS doesnot work?

Thank you


We’re working on it :slight_smile: Expect a new version for iOS somewhere next week.

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Thank you very much Don,
We will check next week with the new version for IOS