Problem defining rules with "or when"

Looks like the rules using ‘or when’ work well when the last condition is met, but do not work when the first condition is met.

In the attached image, when the attribute RT_cbt1 is ‘11_21’, the text in attribute 005_Estado bomba 1 does not change to ‘Encendida’. However, when the attribute rt_cbt11 is ‘12_21’, the attribute does change to ‘Encendida’. Am I doing something wrong or is it always necessary to create an individual rule for each value of rt_cb1? All the attribute belong to the same asset.

Best regards.

Hi Gandalf, that’s a known issue Rules: When-then only checks last entry of multiple "or" conditions · Issue #885 · openremote/openremote · GitHub. We’ll pick it up a.s.a.p.

Thanks for your answer Pierre. :+1: