Problem MQTT client


we are having problems for connect a mqtt client (Mikrotik knot) to open remote, we follow the guide:

Where we create a service user:

and thing asset:

the configuration for thre broker (openremote) on the mqtt client (mikrotik) :slight_smile:

for publish on mqtt client to our openremote We use the topic:


and after that We are getting connection error on the mqtt client. On the side of the openremote We are not getting nothing on the logs, do you know what could be the problem?

Thank you


The unsecured Port 1883 is not per default open.
You have to add it to your docker-compose.yml

Use port 8883 instead of 1883

Iโ€™ve updated the doc to make it a bit clearer that 8883 with TLS/SSL should be used by default

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In mqtt port=localhost:8883