Problem with Storage Simulator Agent setup

I’m trying to simulate a DC-coupled battery in a household.

I’ve set up a Storage Simulator Agent following these instructions:
Tutorial: Create your Energy Management System · openremote/openremote Wiki · GitHub.

I’ve set up a battery and added these parameters: * Energy capacity

  • Power export max, * Power export min, * Energy level percentage max, * Energy level percentage min.

I’ve added an AgentLink pointing to the simulator to these attributes of the battery: * Energy level, * Energy level percentage, * Power, *, Power setpoint, * Energy import total, * Energy export total

I have consumption data from meter reading and production forecasts for the solar PV.

I expect the simulator to manage the Power setpoint and Power attributes of the battery but they are not changing.

What am I missing here? I appreciate any hints, thanks in advance.

Hi, did you add an optimization asset? It should have the following assets as children: electricity consumer, electricity producer and battery storage. In addition it needs a supplier with import and export tariff values. I assume you found: Tutorial: Create your Energy Management System · openremote/openremote Wiki · GitHub

Yes, thanks, I’m trying to follow this guide.
I have the assets in the below structure. The optimisation asset is in the root. There is a supplier asset, and the child of this is a building, in which there are consumer, PV and battery assets.

Or should I add instead an optimisation asset for each building in the above structure?

I added import and export tariff values, battery simulator still fails

Not sure what happens with your way of nesting. Please try listing all assets in parallel as in this example. Note the optimisation also needs forecasted data for ‘producing’ assets and ‘consuming’ assets. For consuming assets we are about to introduce a time series forecasting function. However your picture suggests you already have a forecast for consumption?

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 16.13.44

Hi Pierre,

thanks, I made it work with the nested setup. I realised that the power export min param was’t set up :man_facepalming:

One last question: we would like to try the optimisation asset in two households, each having a meter and equipped with PV and battery, plus one of them having an EV charger. I understand we should use a single optimisation asset in order to implement the optimisation strategy described here:

or would it also work with one optimisation asset for each household?

A related question just came up, grateful for any hints:
The storage is supposed to be controlled by the optimisation asset, however I can see a discrepancy between the power and power setpoint values. I understand these two should converge, but they don’t. Also the “Force charge” state has switched to RUNNING, but the values of the storage don’t change (power setpoint is at 30, power: 0, and energy levels don’t change).

What am I missing here?

Hi, did you fill in all the parameters for the storage device, so also the capacity? Is the Power setpoint already set by the optimisation? If you linked all 6 attributes to the simulator it should work. You could also try to disable optimisation in modify mode, save it, and re enable it again. If you have set up everything correctly you should immediately see the battery charging to the ‘Energy Level Percentage Min’.

Regarding the question on the two households. You should create an optimisation group for each one.